2014 thanksgiving giveaway

Bread of Life's annual Thanksgiving Giveaway is now history but will be remembered for a long time. We gave Thanksgiving groceries to more people this year than ever.  Preliminary count is 5,100. Thank you to the over 200 volunteers for their diligence and loving attitudes.  The media was impressed with your kindness and joy.

So was God!  Not to mention those you served.


I want to thank our Living Word Outreach family, Aviator Church, Family Church, Friends University Campus Ministries, The Ark Church and the Southeast ROTC group for their help yesterday.  There is a group of regular volunteers who help week in and week out that deserve a huge thank you.  So from the bottom of my heart thank you! 


My special thanks and love go out to my Pastors Matthew and Dena Hudson. This was placed in their hearts by God over 24 years ago to feed the hungry in Wichita.  They answered the call and have been faithful to it.  I know of no one who works harder for this to be a success than they.  God's Blessings on you. ~Donna Pinaire, BOL Director