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Our Thanksgiving Giveaway is over for this year. It was a huge success. Hundreds received a turkey and sides for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. We laughed with our friends who came, gave hugs and anyone who wanted received prayers.

I wish I could name everyone who deserves kudos for the success of this day. You know who you are and we are grateful.

I do want to thank all the 200+ volunteers, the many donors who made this possible, Mid West Video for this drone video to capture the day, Larry Prothro for his photography and especially to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who gave us this wonderful ministry to help others. ~ Donna Pinaire 

Bread of Life is grateful to donors as they allow the ministry to be able to assist all those who come through its door. 


We do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, family/parental status, or political beliefs.  


Below are a few stories of families and individuals that you have allowed us to help.  

Pictured above: Shauna, Lily, and Tim.
Pictured above: Shauna, Lily, and Tim.

Tim and Shauna moved to Wichita, Ks, from Missouri.  Tim being employed quickly realized that his paycheck was not sufficient to cover day-to-day expenses let alone to buy enough groceries for his family of 5.  


They started coming to Bread of Life to assist them in relieving their hunger insufficiency.  They are so grateful to Bread of Life for the amount of food as well as the variety they receive.  They stated, "We are able to make our groceries stretch for at least 2 weeks after we come to Bread of Life."  


Tim and Shauna are a typical family with economic challenges; they need help feeding their family. 

Pictured above: David
Pictured above: David

David was in the Army in 1987 serving and stationed in Egypt returning home and continually deals with the effects of PTSD.  He has struggled to find a job to suit him with his diagnosis of PTSD but that has not stopped him looking for a job.  They are a family of single income as Christine, his wife, is the main source of income.   They have a 17-year old son named Dalton.


David states he is grateful for how Bread of Life has helped him and his family.  He reports that with the variety and amount of food they receive through Bread of Life, they can extend their groceries to 1 1/2 - 2 weeks.  


David is one of many veterans that Bread of Life is honored to serve in their time of need.  


Pictured above: Lisa
Pictured above: Lisa

Lisa suffered a debilitating stroke in 1988.  Being on a fixed income, her friend helped her by finding Bread of Life for assistance of groceries, just a few years ago.     


Lisa truly enjoys coming to Bread of Life.  Every volunteer makes her feel welcomed and respected.  She also states, "I feel complete when I come to Bread of Life."  


She believes the quality and amount of food she receives from Bread of Life helps sustain her for at least 2 weeks.  She expresses a heart-felt gratitude for the ministry.


Lisa is such a sweet lady!  Bread of Life truly enjoys seeing her smile as she walks through the door and feels grateful that we can help towards her food insufficiency.