Director of Bread of Life

Donna Pinaire is the director of Bread of Life.  She has served in that capacity since 2006.  From 1994 until 2006, she served as a volunteer at Bread of Life. 


Her first 2 weeks she worked by giving out bread to people.  There was a need for counselors to talk to clients and pray for them.  The director at that time had asked her to do that.  Although she will admit she felt inadequate for that job, she said yes.  Donna was head counselor for several years before being asked to become the director.


Donna has been married to Fred for nearly 39 years and they have 5 grown children and 12 grandchildren.  Fred and the children have all helped at Bread of Life at one time or another. Fred is a huge support and help for Donna.


"I consider it a privilege to be used by the Lord as director at Bread of Life.  To minister to people by giving them hope and encouragement by providing food and clothing is wonderful but to see miracles happen, through answered prayers, is out of the world!  When people's lives are changed, the joy is indescribable."